Sarah England is a fiction writer based in the UK. She trained as a nurse in Sheffield before working in medical sales & specialising in psychiatry (South Yorkshire) - a theme which carries into many of her stories.

To date she has 160+ short stories & serials published in magazines & newspapers worldwide; an anthology of thrillers and mysteries, 'The Witching Hour'; and a bestselling trilogy of occult horror novels: 'Father of Lies' is Book 1, 'Tanners Dell' is Book 2 and 'Magda' is Book 3. The whole trilogy is also available as a box set on kindle, and all three are in both digital and paperback format. In addition to this, all three books are now available on audio with Tantor Media.

'The Witching Hour' - an anthology of 20 previously published thrillers, chillers, mysteries and twists in the tale. Launched on amazon 15th February 2017.

Coming soon - 'The Soprano' - dark, psychological thriller for Summer 2017...

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