Incarnate Justice by Juliet B Madison

November 26, 2015

Today I’m featuring Incarnate Justice, the first book in a planned series of five by Juliet B Madison, author of the 1990s based DI Frank Lyle Mysteries police procedural series. Incarnate Justice was released on Monday 23rd November 2015.

Incarnate Justice is set in the future – 2040 to be exact – and combines the traditional police procedural with the use of psychic powers and the paranormal to assist in crime solving. It’s set in the fictional UK city of Ashbeck, which is also the setting for the DI Lyle series.


In 2015 thirteen-year-old Ellen Shaw disappeared without a trace. No traces of her alive or dead were ever found and the police dismissed a Psychic’s help.

In 2040 the recently formed Psychic CID are called in to investigate when decomposed human remains are found.  The original Missing Person case files yield no clues

Newly promoted DS Joe Lamont has been plagued by disturbing dreams since his early teens and he feels a connection to Ellen that he can’t explain.

 Will Lamont’s intuition prove to be a hindrance or a help and can Psychic CID solve the case and get to the truth about what really happened to Ellen?


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Juliet Madison - the author and her book:

Thank you to Juliet for being my guest author today - I hope you enjoy her new book!



Win a paperback!

November 18, 2015
How would you like to win a paperback copy of my new supernatural horror novel, Father of Lies? Set in the bleak Derbyshire moors, a highly disturbed psychiatric patient is hypnotised with devastating consequences.. what on earth happened in this desolate mining village?

For a chance to find out more... if you dare... here is the link to readers in the know...

Or of course you can download it on kindle for £1.99 on amazon select.

Happy Holida...
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Dark Thoughts!

November 17, 2015
New blogspot for Dark Thoughts and The Father of Lies...

Just to let you know that I have set up a blogspot in addition to my website in order to be able to invite comments and interaction. For example, if you have read Father of Lies - my new supernatural horror novel - you will know that some very serious and disturbing elements are addressed.

So far Father of Lies has 23  5* reviews in total ...

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Authors Reach

November 13, 2015

Myself and 4 other authors have set up an authors collective to bring our books and news, directly to readers and booksellers.. this is our brand new website.. and what a website! Would you like to see it?

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Chilling, creepy... A new occult horror to keep you intrigued on a winters night....

November 11, 2015

Thirteen 5* reviews on amazon UK... for creepy, chilling new supernatural horror novel, Father of Lies.
Have you read it yet?
As you probably know by now - this is set on the bleak Derbyshire moors in northern England. What you may not know is that this is where I used to live - even the haunted mill part with fresh water rushing past the walls!
Here are some pictures of the area to capture your imagination... 

I decided to put the psychiatric hospital high on the moors, where there is a partic...
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New look!

November 3, 2015

Some new looks, new posters and a new banner... for Father of Lies..
Described as '... far more chilling than any mainstream horror..' and '...edge of the seat nerve-jangling...'
Have you read this supernatural horror yet?

Well ok - I DARE you... let me know if you had to sleep with the lights on afterwards...!!!

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3am and Wide Awake!

November 1, 2015

3am and Wide Awake is a collection of tales from the darker side of life... find out what happens to the girl who took 'The Last Bus Home' (omg there's something wrong with the driver...) or the woman who took online revenge on a work colleague...and why is a top surgeon haunted by a dead he losing his mind or is she real?

There is some bad language in 'The Extractor' but then I'd defy anyone not to swear in the circumstances!

Mostly though, these are stories that will lead you ...
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New Chiller 'Father of Lies' at 99p/99c on amazon for ONE MORE DAY - time to try a scary read for Halloween??

October 29, 2015

Top 20 in UK amazon kindle horror/occult... & 99c and 99p for 1 more day...on amazon countdown! Ten 5* reviews ...hurry hurry if you want a scary read for Halloween..........
Father of Lies - new supernatural horror set in the bleak Derbyshire moors: A psychiatric patient is hypnotised with horrific consequences...each member of the medical team is scared out of their wits as they attempt to unlock this highly di...
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Top 20 in USA

October 26, 2015
Am thrilled and delighted to report that my new supernatural horror novel, Father of Lies - is in the top 20 in the USA - in its genre of horror/occult! And in the top 40 in the UK in its genre.
Question now is - will the horror readers like it? How scared will they be? What will happen next? I wrote it, edited it, and launched it - all of which took 2 years, and on the back of 12 years being a writer and many years in psychiatry, which was the inspiration for the novel... so... well... want t...
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Father of Lies makes top 50 kindle

October 24, 2015
Best news all year - my new supernatural horror novel Father of Lies - is now in the top50 kindle downloads in the genre of horror/occult!
99p all week until the 30th October and 99c - amazon uk and amazon us. I have also reduced the price by half on kobo and nook and smashwords for the week. So what better time to sample a new horror author in time for Halloween? Want to be scared? No - really scared??? Ok... try this... You have been warned.
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Sarah England I am a fiction writer with over 160 short stories & 3 serials published so far, in magazines, newspapers and anthologies. My brand new supernatural horror novel, 'Father of Lies' is now out in kindle and paperback on amazon. I also have a collection of tales from the dark side - '3am and Wide Awake' - and a comedy novel, Expected'.
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